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4D Lottery
Grand Dragon Lottery

Shoot to Riches with InfiniWin’s Live 4D Results

4D is legal in Malaysia and you can get lots of money if your number is picked. To cater for the need of the customers, InfiniWin now has live 4D results for players to check the draw results. Since life is all about taking chances, InfiniWin added a game based on the 4D result.


The game is very simple where you will need to put your bet first. After your bet is placed, you will then need to click on the bet button. By clicking the button, InfiniWin will pick a random 4D number. If this 4D number is inside the list of winners in Toto or Magnum 4D of the current period, you will won some prizes easily. The list of winners are not limited to Toto and Magnum 4D only. There are other live 4D results shown inside InfiniWin like SIngapore 4D, Sabah 4D, Sandakan 4D, Special Bigsweep, and Damacai 1+3D. If the 4D number you got is from any of these 4D providers, you are surely a lucky guy.

Bet 4D With Low Price Then Win Huge Now!

There are two different ways to win InfiniWin Live 4D results. The Big Forecast provides the grand prize of 3,500 for every 1 you bet while the Small Forecast are higher with 5,000 for every 1 bet. Just imagine if you bet100 and you get the grand prize. You can easily become a rich man and retire early to just enjoy life! If you do no want to play InfiniWin Live 4D results game, you can also play other types of lottery-based games for 3D, 5D and 6D. The higher number of digit inside a combination, the higher the rewards that you can get. However, the difficulties are also increased dramatically with every digit being added. InfiniWin is the best place for you to play this Live 4D results game. You do not need to spend a lot of money but the gains are very huge. Come and sign up at InfiniWin to get the exclusive access to the 4D section and you will be amazed with the grandeur of the website.